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Song sneaker Tells You Nike SB x Parra Dunk Low Pro

  • Wednesday, 20 April 2022
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Song sneaker Tells You Nike SB x Parra Dunk Low Pro

Launched as part of Nike SB's latest apparel and footwear collection, the quick release is not only a creative follow-up to the 2019 capsule collaboration, but also the Dutch designer's link to the Commonwealth jersey, the "abstract art" Nike SB x Parra Dunk Low Pro is a colorful sneaker designed to be paired with the aforementioned USA, Japan, Brazil and France jerseys to embody the ideal of positive imagination and the unapologetic expression of all things. Cheap sneakers online on songsneaker.

In addition to the recently released Nike SB x FTC Dunk Low Pro and two other upcoming Dunk releases that pay homage to the big game in skateboarding, prolific visionary mastermind Pieter 'Parra' Janssen has once again teamed up with Nike SB to bring An unruly appreciation of performative innovation at the fusion of artistic expression and the skate segment. Cheap Sneakers Nike SB x Parra Dunk Low Pro.

Not the first time Parra's frontman and Tired Skateboard co-founder has collaborated with Cheap Sneakers Nike SB, Parra turned his attention to the 2019 capsule collection for more inspiration. His original Nike SB x Parra Dunk Low Pro gained widespread attention for its uninhibited creative personality, so it's no surprise that the collection was also paired with a similarly styled Nike SB x Parra Blazer Low.

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