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Song sneaker Tells You Do tie-dyed shoes fade?

  • Monday, 11 April 2022
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Song sneaker Tells You Do tie-dyed shoes fade?

Tie-dyed Replica shoes will fade. There are two reasons for tie-dyeing to fade, mainly because of the dye and process problems of tie-dyeing. If it is made with direct dyes, color fading will occur due to the particularity of handicrafts and the characteristics of dyes, as well as the failure to control dyes, salts, temperature and time during operation.

Is it normal for Replica shoes tie dye to fade?

Tie-dye is the same as batik. It is not fading, but floating. Wash it once or twice with water before use. There will be color fading at the beginning of washing, but it will be fine after a few washes. The possible cause of Replica shoes tie-dyeing fading is the dye problem or the dyeing process problem. If it is made of direct dyes, because of the particularity of handicraft and the characteristics of dyes, if the dyes, salt, temperature, and time are not well controlled during operation, the color will fade a lot. If you want to keep the original color without fading If so, it is impossible. Only the high temperature washes down a little, and the floating color is washed first, and the color fading will not be so serious in the future.

How to prevent tie-dyed Replica shoes from fading

There are several ways to prevent tie-dyed shoes from fading, as follows:

1. Soak in salt water for 24 hours, remember to soak all the shoes in, but this method is obviously not suitable for Nike, Converse and other shoes;

2. Use white vinegar, apply the white vinegar to the discolored place, and then blow it with a hair dryer for half a minute, which can effectively alleviate the fading of shoes;

3. Scrub or scrub with raw soap to remove floating color, and then use 1%-3% sodium hypochlorite solution to oxidize and rinse. After removal, it must be soaped at a low temperature, and before brushing the shoes, soak in salt water first, so that the color is not easy to fade. However, it is still not suitable for shoes that are easy to open glue.

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