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Song sneaker Tell You Nike SB x Daan Van Der Linden

  • Wednesday, 06 April 2022
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Song sneaker Tell You Nike SB x Daan Van Der Linden

Marking the first signed release from 25-year-old Daan Van Der Linden, this latest tackle-stained capsule collection casts the net in honor of team riders' personal appreciation for fishing. Featuring three unique interpretations of the new hybrid Nike SB BLZR Court Cheap replica shoes and two matching tees, the Nike SB and Van Der Linden combine past favorites and performance styles into one.

Eindhoven's Daan Van Der Linden, known as the greatest skating exit in the Netherlands, has been speculating on whether he was born on skateboards since he got his first spin 540 at the age of nine. Under Dutch legend and 100% Skateshop owner Jeroen Sars at a young age, Van Der Linden was quickly assigned to the Vans Europe team at the age of 13 and has since secured sponsorships from countless sponsors including Independent and Spitfire and made appearances Beginning in 2017, he joined the collaborative Antihero x replica shoes Nike SB '18' Skateboard video on Volcom's 'RV Rampage', which debuted the same year, and he joined Blue Ribbon Sports' Skate Center team.

This isn't the first time Nike SB replica shoes has turned its attention to past preferences and personalisation in iconic editions, the Orange Label by team driver Kevin Bradley is designed to show his love for the planet. A loving tribute to the war character Darth Maul. The Nike SB P-Rod Dunk High Premium is a colorful reflection of the versatile Paul Rodriguez's love of boxing and Mexican heritage.

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