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Song Sneaker Tell You Nike SB Dunk Low Pro 'Papa Bear'

  • Monday, 07 March 2022
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Song Sneaker Tell You Nike SB Dunk Low Pro 'Papa Bear'

Following the terrain hiking-inspired Cheap Replica Nike SB Dunk Low Shoes Pro ACG Caldera and the handheld camera reference "VX1000" Dunk Low Pro, the February 2021 Nike SB Dunk = roster welcomes another new addition, the Cheap Nike SB Dunk Low Pro' Papa Bear'. Also known as the "Reverse Papa Bear" or "Pelle Hat" colorway, this version turns attention not only to the '06 archival "Three Bears" bag, but also to legendary Steve Pelletier's childhood wardrobe favorite, who Former Replica Nike SB Senior Product Line Manager and mastermind behind iconic sneaker staples like Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Dunky" and the three-tone Nike SB x Grateful Dead Dunk Low Pro.

Although it's clearly an ode to 2006's hot-house-hued "Papa Bear" Cheap Replica Nike SB Dunk Low Shoes, the fluffy fur feature in the Goldilocks-themed version of the triptych also hosts the "Baby Bear" Dunk Low and the maternal "Mama Bear" Dunk Mid, in reverse. Inspired by the Cheap Nike SB Dunk Low Pro 'Papa Bear' is court heritage, creative personality and a unique sense of retro nostalgia. Also nicknamed the "Pelle Hat," this reimagined basketball favorite pays homage to one of Steve Pelletier's Air Jordan hat memorabilia since 7th grade; a Jumpman wardrobe staple since joining Replica Nike in 1984 Products continue to cement his legacy. Heavily influenced by '80s-inspired hats, with its calm colorblocking and clear connection to NBA heritage, this latest version embodies Nike SB's penchant for effortless innovation.

Featuring a stretch leather and brushed suede upper, this low-neck Song sneaker Dunk comes in two washed reference shades, with a "wheat fusion" colorway in wheat and dark purple for added textured depth. A fusion of red interchangeable and puffy laces with tonal embroidered sidewall Swooshes helps elevate the design, while retaining the iconic two-tone vulcanized cup sole underneath with a perforated toe box and circular tread detailing Stadium Aesthetics.

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