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Ljr Sneaker releases latest photos of Nike Air Force 1 Low Rust Pink

  • Thursday, 16 December 2021
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Ljr Sneaker recently received a pair of Air Force 1 Low "Rust Pink" with a brand new color scheme and released the official image. Based on the classic pure white color scheme, Swoosh is rendered in rusty pink and stitched with golden stitching. The small Swoosh on the side of the toe and the metal shoelace buckle are all presented in gold, which is slightly luxurious.
Ljr Sneaker
The Nike Logo is also presented in gold with rusty pink leather.
Ljr Sneaker
According to Ljr Sneaker, the sale price of this shoe is $110 USD, and the specific sale time has not yet been released. Friends who like it, please continue to pay attention to our report.
Ljr Sneaker
Nike Air Force 1 Low “Rust Pink”
Item No.: CZ0270-103
Release Date: 2021
Sale price: $110 USD

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