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What socks look good with daddy shoes

What socks look good with daddy shoes

  • Wednesday, 23 December 2020
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1.Song Sneaker recommend Clunky sneaker with knee socks

Clunky shoes are very popular shoes in recent years. In fact, they are the travel shoes that dads used to wear. They have a thick sole, so they can increase the height. If you are a girl with very thin legs, it is best to match it with over-knee socks, and the legs are more thin.

2.Song Sneaker recommend Clunky shoes with stockings

In autumn and winter, many girls like to expose their ankles, but now they are not popular anymore. Qiaolu socks are rather fashionable. Use old shoes with stockings, and then wear a pair of leggings or slim pants. The trouser legs are wrapped, warm and thin. Note that the color of the socks should be the same color as the pants and shoes.

3.Song Sneaker recommend Clunky shoes with socks

In spring and summer, the weather is just right, so you can show your ankles at this time. Use cropped trousers with old shoes, and then with a pair of socks. This way of dressing is very suitable for small girls.

Song Sneaker Clunky Shoes

Song Sneaker clunky shoes suitable for people with thick legs?

clunky shoes are very suitable for people with thick legs. The wide and thick soles of clunkyshoes can instantly increase your height by 7 cm. It will also set off the thick and slender legs. The styles of clunky shoes are very changeable. Can create a fashionable new look.

clunky shoes look very bulky. This is because clunky shoes have a thick toe and a thick sole. For those who are more slender, the thick sole and thick toe will bring out the slender person. For people with thick legs, these two points can just neutralize the excessive plumpness of the body, making it very well-proportioned.

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