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What does it mean to step on the air cushion?

What does it mean to step on the air cushion?

  • Saturday, 12 December 2020
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Do you know how to step on the air cushion? Today SongSneaker will let you know what it means to step on the air cushion and how to step on it? Let us learn together with SongSneaker.

What does it mean to step on the air cushion

It is necessary to use a suitable method to make the air cushion fully exert the cushioning effect and make the shoes more fit. After the air cushion is processed until you wear it on your feet, it is not worn, which affects the reaction speed and cushioning of the air cushion. The air cushion needs to be worn for a week to achieve the best. Therefore, it is usually necessary to go through some correct methods to release the performance of the air cushion.

How to step on the air cushion

It takes a certain run-in period to step on the air cushion. When you buy shoes, you can wear them first to press down on the road, slowly find the feeling of your feet, and take a walk, etc., to slowly break in the feeling of your feet and shoes. This will be better. Don't rush to wear it for exercise as soon as you buy it. Not only can you not step on it, it may cause some damage to the shoes, but the higher the exercise intensity, the feet will be more uncomfortable.

How does it feel to step on the air cushion

When the air cushion is stepped on, you will feel that it is soft and fits the sole of the foot when walking, and the foot is very elastic when it is lifted up, with good resilience, and the shoe feels in a better state. However, it is still necessary to distinguish between the air cushion being stepped on and the air cushion exploding, and the air cushion will make a squeaking sound. It's completely different from the feeling of stepping on the air cushion.

What are the benefits of air cushion shoes

The main difference between air cushion shoes and ordinary sports shoes is the use of air cushions. An air storage cavity that can form an air cushion is provided between the upper part of the sole and the lower part of the sole, which brings better cushioning effect. Air cushion shoes are extremely popular in sports. Among them, the insole is made of a special rebound force material, which can effectively absorb part of the reaction force, reduce the burden on the foot, and wear more easily and comfortably; the function of the airbag glue is to preserve the air in the air cushion to provide elasticity and reduce the vibration during exercise; The design is to reduce the shock caused by the impact of the ankle and the ground during daily walking, and also provide additional shock absorption and support.

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