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The difference between vans ordinary and og

The difference between vans ordinary and og

  • Friday, 25 December 2020
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The Song Sneaker Vans OG series refers to the best version launched by the brand. It will pay more attention to the selection of materials and the details of the shoe body will be more refined, so it will have a better wearing experience, soft feet and high-quality texture. The upper of the OG series has a black and white checkerboard, which was used for the hemming at first, and then used the entire upper; while the ordinary models only have white leather stripes on both sides.

How long is the original vans shoelace

The original shoelace length of vans is about 30 cm. If you buy a replacement shoelace, you only need to compare the size. As a well-known original skateboard shoe brand in the United States, vans has been one of the leaders in young culture and extreme sports for many years, and is deeply loved by young people.

Song Sneaker vans

Authenticity of Song Sneaker vans shoes

1. Old Skool looks at the toe part of the shoe, the real thread is a V-shaped, while the fake one is a straight line;

2. Look at the alignment of the side logo and the seagull line, the authentic arc is natural and smooth;

3. Look at the label on the heel of the shoe, referred to as the post label. Genuine products have natural unevenness, color, font, spacing, thickness;

4. Open the shoe box, there will not be a big smell, if you smell a pungent smell, pay attention.

Song Sneaker vans

How to wash Song Sneaker vans shoes

When cleaning Vans' canvas shoes, you can wash them directly with water. But the cleaning agent used must be selected correctly. In fact, you can use the more common items in life, that is, toothpaste, which can whiten and brighten shoes. And the shoes after brushing are very clean, and it is not easy to get yellow marks.

When cleaning shoes, the most difficult thing is the position of the shoe edge, because this position is easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. When cleaning, you can use a piece of ginger to apply on the side of the shoe, and then dip a small amount of toothpaste with a used toothbrush, brush the side of the shoe, you will find that it will be very clean. If you have a shoe washing machine at home, you can spin dry after brushing.

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