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Song Sneaker shares what to do if Yezzy is too tight

Song Sneaker shares what to do if Yezzy is too tight

  • Monday, 11 January 2021
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Song Sneaker Yeezy squeezes his foot in front

1. Apply facial cream to the foot rub of the new shoes, or fully soak a piece of wet paper towel with white wine, fix it on the foot rub with a clip, and leave it overnight to soften the leather;

2. If the edge of the shoe wears the feet, cover it with a wet towel for a few minutes to make it damp and soft, and then use a cylindrical object such as a glass bottle to press it several times;

3. Use tape to stick the shoes and the feet on the ground. After a period of time, the feet will not be worn too much;

4. You can cover it with a wet towel, and then use a shoe wedges to support it, so that you can wear it smoothly.

Song Sneaker Yeezy

Song Sneaker Yeezy how to solve the problem

You can use a harder thing to hit the toe part a few times to effectively alleviate the problem of shoe squeezing, or put a newspaper into the toe part of the shoe, tuck it tightly, and wait 1-2 days before wearing it, which can be effective Relieve the problem of squeezed shoes When buying coconut shoes, you must choose the size that suits you. The appropriate shoe size will be more comfortable to wear, and there will be no problems with squeezing or falling heels. It is recommended to go to a professional shoe store that specializes in selling coconut shoes. You can also buy the right shoe size and avoid being deceived. The shoes sold in counters are generally in formal shoe sizes. It is important to buy the right shoe size. If the toe cap is more squeezed, you can use a shoe support to support it. Before supporting it, you need to cover the toe with a wet towel to make the toe fully moist, then use the shoe support to expand it and wet the toe with a towel. It is more conducive to loosening the toe cap and is convenient to wear.

Song Sneaker Yeezy

Song Sneaker Yeezy how to avoid squeezing the foot in front

You must go to a regular shoe store to buy shoes. Avoid shoes that do not fit your feet. Wearing shoes that are too large or too small will affect your feet. Wearing shoes that are too large will cause heel drop. Wearing small shoes will squeeze the feet, so it is not good for the feet. There are also many fake and inferior coconut brands on the market, so you should pay attention to buying them and learn to distinguish between true and false.

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