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Song Sneaker Introduces The Advantages Of Rubber Soles

Song Sneaker Introduces The Advantages Of Rubber Soles

  • Wednesday, 28 April 2021
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Today Song Sneaker will introduce to you what are the advantages of rubber soles and what we should do if the shoes turn yellow!

What are the advantages of rubber soles

The advantages of rubber soles are good wear resistance, non-slip, elastic, not easy to break, good softness, good elongation, stable shrinkage, good hardness, good flexibility, and waterproof. But there are also shortcomings. Obviously, it is not abrasion resistant; heavier, easy to spit frost (a quality problem), not easy to corrode (environmental protection problem), not hard, easy to be penetrated, poor air permeability and moisture absorption, fear of oil Soaking, it is not advisable to wear it in places where it is exposed to oil such as car gas stations.

What should I do if my shoes turn yellow?

1. First of all we need tools, toothpaste tissues and brushes. Soak all the shoes first, and then clean the soles with a brush.

2. Squeeze a lot of toothpaste on the brush, and then start brushing the shoes, you can see that the shoes are white.

3. After the shoes are cleaned, rinse them with water. It is best to soak in water for a few minutes to thoroughly soak the remaining toothpaste.

4. After soaking the shoes for a few minutes, take them out and drain the water, and then wrap the shoes with white toilet paper. Don't wrap it up at all. Then let it dry.

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