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Precautions for cleaning white shoes

Precautions for cleaning white shoes

  • Thursday, 17 December 2020
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Do you know what you need to pay attention to when cleaning white shoes? Today SongSneaker will share the precautions for cleaning white shoes with everyone.

The washing temperature should not exceed 45 degrees. Most synthetic materials will change at high temperatures. Therefore, whether you are wearing or washing, the ambient temperature should be less than  45°C. This is why hot water and exposure to the sun should be avoided when washing shoes.

Clean the chemicals, otherwise the shoes will turn yellow. The edges of white sports shoes are easy to turn yellow because of the chemical residues in the washing powder and a little rust residue in the water. You can use facial tissue or toilet paper to attach to the surface, but this is not the best Methods. If the shoes have turned yellow, you can buy some lead powder in the store. After we wash the shoes, we will brush them up immediately. Then wrap the shoe with a white paper towel, and finally put it in the sun, but it is not suitable for exposure at this time. Or white shoe powder. After washing the shoes, apply the white shoe powder on it, then cover it with toilet paper and dry it. If you can't buy white shoe powder for a while, you can replace it with the caustic soda on the wall of the kettle. That is, we drain and grind the water and alkali, and wipe it on the clean shoe surface, so that the shoes can be white as new. Genuine leather or artificial leather needs special care. The leather upper is not easy to maintain, because it is easy to crease and is not suitable for water, so it is safer to clean by wiping.

How to wash SongSneaker white shoes dirty with mud and water

You can apply a layer of toothpaste on the top of the shoes, and then wrap the body of the shoe with toilet paper. At the same time, press the paper with your hand to make the shoes with toothpaste and the toilet paper close together, and then put it in the sun to cool for three hours After two to three hours, just tore the toilet paper a little bit, you will find that the toilet paper has turned yellow and the shoes have become particularly white.

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