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Pk God shares how to care for leather shoes that change color in water

Pk God shares how to care for leather shoes that change color in water

  • Saturday, 17 April 2021
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Pk God tells you why leather shoes drip and change color

The leather upper material is composed of animal skin and natural leather. Its material component is composed of animal fiber, which absorbs sweat and breathes. Generally, the color of the leather material becomes darker and black after absorbing water, which is a normal phenomenon. Specially designed for this kind of leather to absorb sweat and breathe.

Pk God teaches you how to maintain shoes that change color in water

1. The continuous wearing time of each pair of shoes should not be too long. When the shoes are not worn, they should be placed in a sunny place to cool and dry. The leather should not be immersed in water. If it is immersed in an excessive amount of water, salt frost will appear, which will affect the extensibility and resistance of the leather. When it is worn again, it will return to a hard feeling and the shoes are easy to deform.

2. Leather shoes cannot be worn with others, otherwise there will be obvious deformation, because people's feet are different, and shoes will tend to be consistent with the answer after a certain period of time.

3. When storing leather shoes, use shoe polish to moisturize the leather surface. Put styling paper and desiccant in the shoe cavity and put it in a ventilated place. Keep the air temperature at 18-20℃ as much as possible.

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