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PK God shares how to remove the smell of glue from new shoes!

PK God shares how to remove the smell of glue from new shoes!

  • Friday, 05 March 2021
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PK God tells you how to remove the smell of new shoe glue

1. For newly bought shoes, you can spray an appropriate amount of alcohol or white wine inside, and then dry, the alcohol will quickly evaporate, so that it is not easy to produce odor when you wear it again.

2. In addition to ventilating the newly bought shoes, simply rinse them with clean water to reduce the smell. In order to prevent damage to the shoes as a whole, it is recommended that you only wipe the position of the sole with clean water or a wet towel.

3. Regarding the gum smell inside the shoes, the smell inside the shoes is heavier, so it is recommended that you take out the insoles and air them. If the shoes have laces, remove the laces so that the air can better circulate inside the shoes. Let the taste of new shoes be better removed.

4. If the gum smell on the new shoes you just bought is heavy, it is recommended that you put them in a ventilated place to dry for a few days, the gum smell can gradually become lighter. When drying, it must be placed in a cool place, not directly exposed to the sun. Long-term exposure and high temperature may increase the gum smell.

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PK God shares what are the ways to remove the smell of new shoe glue

The newly bought shoes generally have a strong smell and strong glue smell. So what can we do? There are ways. We can find some cheap liquor and soak the insoles of these shoes in the liquor we prepared. , Soak for an hour, it is enough to remove some of the strange smell remaining on it. In fact, lime is a natural protective agent that can remove the odor. The newly-purchased leather shoes will more or less have a strange smell of leather. Wrap the lime with gauze and put it inside the shoes, which can deodorize. The method is indeed feasible, and the cost is not much. We can sprinkle some table salt on it, table salt is a natural deodorant, its ability to absorb sweat is also good, and the price is cheap, suitable for our use.

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