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PK God introduces the matching skills of boys wearing high-top shoes

PK God introduces the matching skills of boys wearing high-top shoes

  • Monday, 15 March 2021
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PK God introduces the matching skills of high-top shoes

1. Canvas shoes and high-top shoes match: Canvas high-top shoes can be used in any way. Wearing your own style is the most important thing. Wear a pair of canvas high-top shoes. Wear jeans. The laces are looser and the tongue is turned. This is a trendy way. If the corners of jeans are tight, then they will become a tuo, and the shape will be formed on the top of the upper. , You can go with a trouser chain, it’s already very handsome.

2. Matching with red high-top shoes: If you pair red high-top shoes with men's pants, choose white or blue jeans, so that the color is bright and the overall effect is more prominent. It is the first choice for students or trendy men. .

3. Leather high-top shoes matching: Leather high-top shoes will give people a sense of majesty and domineering, but they are also very handsome when paired with casual pants or jeans. This is also a way of matching among white-collar workers in the workplace.

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PK God shares the misunderstanding of boys wearing high-top shoes

1. The matching pants are too long

Because men’s high-top shoes are too high, they will cover the part of the ankle. If you wear a pair of too long trousers, the trousers are still piled up at the mouth of the shoe, it is really short and the scene of the disaster, so it is recommended to wear nine-point pants Suitable.

2. The color of the shoes is complex

The colors of canvas high-top shoes can be said to be many kinds, all colors and patterns are available, but it is recommended to choose black and white, versatile, and the matching will not appear abrupt.

3. The sole is too thick

If you choose thick-soled high-top shoes, it will feel very bulky. But if short boys want to be taller, in addition to matching, you can also put a proper height insole on the insole. The effect is definitely better than the thick sole.

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