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PK God introduces the difference between jordan and air jordan

PK God introduces the difference between jordan and air jordan

  • Monday, 22 February 2021
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Jordan Brand is a brand under NIKE. It is affiliated to NIKE and has independent research and development capabilities, but sales are still in accordance with NIKE's sales strategy. The Jordan Sport series includes Jordan series basketball shoes, sports training shoes and jerseys. Since Jordan entered the NBA and signed with NIKE, his personal super strength has been revealed step by step. The sneakers developed by NIKE for Jordan (that is, the Jordan generation) have become popular. In addition, at that time, the league used "this pair of shoes and the whole team" People’s curiosity was aroused by banning sneakers on the grounds of “uncoordinated clothing”. Everyone rushed to the store to buy this banned “Jordan Generation”. With the launch of the second generation of Jordan, the benefits of the advertising campaign began to emerge, helping Jordan (and of course also NIKE) to establish an image in the sneaker market. Make people realize that Jordan is not only an athlete, but also an artist.

PK God believes that the birth of Jordan's three generations truly marked the arrival of the "Air Jordan" era, and the Jumpman (ie Little Flying Man) LOGO is also distinguished from the traditional NIKE "check mark", accompanied by Jordan's free throw line. A shocking buckle, the fans (including us) were completely conquered by him. Undoubtedly, NIKE certainly knows how important Jordan’s personal appeal is. This fully guarantees that Nike shoes are accepted by various consumer groups. In line with the historical conditions of the NBA at the time, Bird Bird and Magic Johnson succeeded. When I get old, the alliance has no leader for a while, and such a vigorous god-making movement has begun...so the fourth and fifth generations of Jordan... Jordan Brand has continued to this day. The basketball emperor Michael Jordan who just visited Taiwan in a whirlwind, although he left a little regret for all the fans, he also launched the "Jordan Brand" brand launched by Michael Jordan! As a legend in sports history, Jordan conquered with his unremitting spirit Globally, it has created a brilliant record that is difficult for future generations to achieve. Therefore, Jordan not only has excellent performance on the basketball court, but also represents a passion for life and a dedication to outstanding performance.

PK God Air Jordan 11

PK God feels that due to Jordan’s iconic status, from the fact that Nike has set off a sports revolution under the name of "Air Jordan", even though Jordan has retired, the charm of Air Jordan's 20th year is still not enough. Less. In view of this, just as the rapper P.Diddy or Jennifer Lopez successively launched personal clothing brands, Michael Jordan himself also established the "Jordan Brand" brand in 1997, hoping to let more people know Jordan Brand. Since Taiwan has not introduced the Jordan Brand before, with Jordan’s visit to Taiwan, Taiwan has also introduced Jordan Sport (Jordan Sports Series) and Jordan Lifestyle (Jordan Lifestyle) under Jordan Brand. They have their own unique styles. Fans who love Jordan are closer to Michael Jordan, the god of basketball, with related series of merchandise. The Jordan Sport series includes Jordan series basketball shoes, sports training shoes and jerseys. They are all products with high breathability and strong stability, as well as functionality and avant-garde styling. Among them, the AJ series shoes have been introduced to the 19th generation. Many re-enacted versions make fans love it. The Jordan Lifestyle series stimulates a variety of design inspirations in various sports elements, such as baseball casual tops, long and short-sleeved shirts, woolen vests or innovative jeans, all of which make the Jordan Lifestyle series suitable for sports wear. Present a diverse daily casual style.

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