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Og Tony tells you what color men's canvas shoes look good

Og Tony tells you what color men's canvas shoes look good

  • Monday, 22 March 2021
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1. Classic white

Og Tony believes that white canvas shoes are the ancestors when it comes to classic and good-looking. Whether it is a monochrome white canvas shoes, or a white background with other colors embellished canvas shoes are very versatile, girls and boys look very elegant.

2. Generous red

Red has always been a dazzling color, and those with non-white feet can look good and white in color, and have unlimited vitality when worn.

3.Black gray

Classic colors are versatile and beautiful. As low-key colors, black and gray are very popular among men. As long as the color of the clothes is not too gray, black and gray are both low-key and atmospheric choices.

4. Color matching

Og Tony found that if you want to make a breakthrough, color matching is the first choice. There are big articles about the color matching of canvas shoes. Similar color matching has characteristics and is not too exaggerated. Contrasting color matching can immediately bring a sense of visual impact.

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