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Og Tony shares how to deal with shoe wrinkles

Og Tony shares how to deal with shoe wrinkles

  • Wednesday, 03 March 2021
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Og Tony tells you what to do with wrinkled shoes

If the shoes are wrinkled, you can use a clean sponge, take a proper amount of hot water from the sponge, and then gently wipe the wrinkled area. The effect can be seen after rubbing for about ten minutes. Or put the wrinkled shoes together and wait for them to flatten naturally.

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Og Tony shares how to solve shoe wrinkles

1. Paraffin wax + ironing + shoe polish

1. If the shoes are wrinkled seriously, this method can be used. Fill a little paraffin wax (with paraffin blocks and paraffin oil) in the folds of the leather shoes, and be sure to evenly fill in the gaps.

2. Pour a layer of dry cloth on the upper of the leather shoe, and then iron it with an iron until the wrinkles are restored well.

3. After the ironed leather shoes are coated with some care shoe polish, the wrinkles are not obvious, and then the wrinkles appear again. Use this method to deal with it.

2. Egg white + ironing method

1. First use a clean soft cloth or brush to clean the dust on the surface of the leather shoes. If possible, it is best to clean it again.

2. Prepare an egg, break the egg, separate the yolk and egg white, leaving only the egg white for later use.

3. Use shoe supports to hold up the wrinkled shoes, then cover the creases of the leather shoes with a piece of dry cloth, and iron them with an iron. When ironing, use low-temperature suspension ironing, about 2cm away from the leather upper. To prevent high temperature from scalding shoes, apply egg white after ironing.

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