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Og Tony Shares What Are The Rubber Sole Materials

Og Tony Shares What Are The Rubber Sole Materials

  • Thursday, 15 April 2021
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1. Natural rubber

The advantage of natural rubber is that it is very soft, extremely elastic, and suitable for various sports. But the shortcoming is also very obvious, that is, it is not wearable. Natural rubber is often used in indoor sports shoes.

Rubber is a natural material, a material from nature, so it has a green environmental protection effect, so it is also commonly used on the bottom of safety shoes. Because it is a natural rubber sole, the density is relatively large. If it is made into a safety shoe sole, it will often be heavier. In addition to some special requirements of the original safety shoes, the entire pair of safety shoes can be heavy. However, in many cases, this type of safety shoes is still chosen because it has the effect of wear-resistant and non-slip.

2. Artificial synthetic rubber

Artificial synthetic rubber is divided into wear-resistant rubber, environmentally friendly rubber, air rubber, viscous rubber, hard rubber, and carbon rubber.

(1) Wear-resistant rubber: The wear resistance and toughness of wear-resistant rubber are very good, so it is very durable. This kind of rubber material is generally used on the outsole of tennis shoes.

(2) Environmentally friendly rubber: also known as recycled rubber, this type of rubber outsole contains up to 10% recycled rubber, the main purpose of which is to protect the environment.

(3) Air rubber: The rubber contains air and has a certain shock absorption function, but it is not very wear-resistant and not very versatile.

(4) Adhesive rubber: Adhesive rubber is characterized by better flexibility and very non-slip. It is generally used in indoor sports shoes.

(5) Hard rubber: Hard rubber is the most comprehensive rubber in the outsole rubber material. It is tough, non-slip and very wear-resistant, and it has a wide range of uses. Multifunctional shoes and basketball shoes mostly use this kind of rubber to make outsoles.

(6) Carbon rubber: Carbon elements are added to ordinary rubber materials to make the rubber more tough and wear-resistant. Most running shoes use this kind of rubber, and there will be a BRS letter mark on the heel part of the running shoe sole. Indicates that the outsole uses carbonized rubber.

Og Tony shares how to wash rubber soles

1. It can quickly solve the problem of yellowing of rubber soles by buying super white products in grocery stores, department stores, etc.

2. After boiling with rice water or orange peel, soak the shoes in rice water or boiled water. After about 15-20 minutes, brush it with a toothbrush.

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