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Og Tony Shares The Benefits Of Wearing Sneakers

Og Tony Shares The Benefits Of Wearing Sneakers

  • Friday, 07 May 2021
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Do you usually wear sports shoes? Today, Og Tony compiled some knowledge about sports shoes to share with you the benefits of wearing sports shoes!

1. The key to a perfect pair of sports shoes is comfort. Comfort will reduce the occurrence of blisters and other skin problems.

2. Breathability is also very important. Let your feet breathe and breathe. The insole is elastic and can absorb sweat, and the heel of the shoe should be firm and stable. When shopping for sports shoes, try on sports socks. Leave space at the front of the toes. The length of the shoes is 2~3 cm longer than the feet. New shoes will be looser than old shoes when worn for a long time. The toes and toe caps are reserved to avoid abrasions, redness and swelling of the feet, adjust the moisture of the feet, and keep the feet dry.

3. In the choice of jogging shoes, the heel of the shoes should be wide and stable, and there should be a tongue under the laces to protect the instep and the extensor toe muscles. The sole has a soft interlayer to absorb the impact; it should be light or soft, and the sole is impact resistant; stability and shock absorption are the primary considerations.

4. In the selection of sports shoes, focus is on functionality. For different sports, you must choose different professional sports shoes, which are comfortable in size and comfortable, and the air cushion can prevent vibration, reduce joint pressure, durable and not damaged, and easy to clean and maintain. Do not wear the same shoes as usual when exercising. Sports shoes should be able to meet specific biological needs. The characteristics of shoes are also very important. No matter what kind of sport you are engaged in, your shoes should be able to strike a balance between cushioning, support, durability and the most important factor-fit. All in all, these features help you exercise comfortably and prevent injuries to your feet, legs or lower back.

5. The main purpose of sports shoes is to avoid damage to the feet caused by the special stress in the sports they are engaged in, and to give athletes more friction. For example, the design of a pair of jogging shoes is different from that of a pair of strenuous exercise shoes. In order to adapt the various parts of the foot to the maximum stress, sports shoes are required to be designed with different styles, textures, weights, laces and other characteristics.

6. In addition to being beautiful and handsome, the most important thing to wear during sports is to be suitable for sports and sports environment. It is very important to choose sportswear to fit the body. It must be able to adapt to the movement skills of the sport, such as stretching, jumping, walking, stopping, and running; the comfort of the hands and feet must be considered.

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