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LJR teaches you how to match men's canvas shoes

LJR teaches you how to match men's canvas shoes

  • Friday, 19 March 2021
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Today, LJR is going to teach you how to match clothes and pants to boys wearing canvas shoes!

1. T-shirt + casual pants + white canvas shoes

If you want to wear a casual style, you should choose loose clothing with white canvas shoes, such as loose white T-shirts and black casual pants, which gives people a cool feeling overall. In the summer air-conditioned room, or when the weather turns cold, wear a coat or jacket to keep you warm without losing your handsome style.

2. Shirt + trousers + white canvas shoes

The combination of shirt and trousers always gives people a sense of seriousness. To break this sense of seriousness, shoes come with a white canvas shoe, which is not only fashionable, but also more youthful.

3. Shirt + jeans + white canvas shoes

Jeans are a big choice for many boys with canvas shoes. Of course, if you want to look fashionable, jeans can be designed with rolled trousers and paired with low-cut white canvas shoes to expose the ankles. Choose a blue and white striped shirt for the top. The overall look is very fresh and natural.

4. Jacket + sports pants + white canvas shoes

In the era of popular sports style, it is not unfamiliar to pair sports pants with canvas shoes. A trendy three-bar sports pants with high-top white canvas shoes, highlighting the unruly street teenagers.

5. Suit + white canvas shoes

Are you still using leather shoes with a suit? If so, it means you are out. In fact, many trendy men have already used white canvas shoes with them. The most important thing is to choose low-cut canvas shoes with ankles exposed.

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