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How to clean the white shoe mesh surface

How to clean the white shoe mesh surface

  • Tuesday, 15 December 2020
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Many friends who have white mesh shoes often encounter the situation that the mesh surface is dirty but do not know how to clean it. Today we SongSneaker will share with you how to clean the mesh surface of white shoes correctly.

The following materials and tools need to be prepared to clean the mesh surface of white shoes: brushes, high-efficiency shoe cleaners, water and rags.

The specific cleaning methods are as follows:

1. First take out the prepared materials and tools.

2. Next, put a few drops of high-efficiency cleaning agent into clean water.

3. Then use a brush to dip the clean water into the detergent.

4. Next, you need to scrub the midsole of the shoes.

5. Then you need to wipe the foam on the sole with a towel.

6. Next, you need to use a soft brush dipped in detergent to wipe the upper of the shoe.

7. Then wipe the upper with a towel clean.

8. Finally, the mesh surface of the shoes is cleaned. When cleaning the mesh surface of mesh shoes, you need to pay attention to using a soft brush. Using a hard-bristled brush can easily damage the mesh surface of the shoes. When brushing, you should use gentle force instead of too much force.

SongSneaker share white shoes dirty cleaning method

Use some nail polish remover to drop on the cotton pad, and then wipe the white shoe mesh. Wipe the white shoes with a rubber. Pour a little detergent on the toothbrush and dip it in some water, and then use the toothbrush to brush the blackened area of ​​the shoe mesh. Pay attention to it during the brushing process. You must brush the foam before you can wash it with water.

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