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Adidas green tail or blue tail which is better

Adidas green tail or blue tail which is better

  • Tuesday, 09 February 2021
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Song Sneaker analyzes which Adidas green tail or blue tail is better?

When choosing Adidas green tail and blue tail, the first thing to note is that the difference between the two colors is mainly reflected in the heel, which is the part of the shoe, and the logo on the shoe. In addition, the Adidas iconic on the side of the shoe There are three bars, so overall, the two colors will not make much difference. The reason why there are more people who choose green tails in the choice of Adidas green tail and blue tail may also be related to the more prominent color of the green tail and more refreshing feeling, so the green tail is relatively more suitable for spring and summer.

From a versatile point of view, the green tail of Adidas and the blue tail may be more versatile than the blue tail. Because of its color system, it can be well matched with many classic colors or some popular bright colors. . In terms of temperament, it will also be more calm, and can be well neutralized with some more fashionable styles of clothing. This is also a point that everyone can refer to when choosing Adidas green tail and blue tail.

Song Sneaker Adidas

Song Sneaker introduces why Adidas Green Tail is hot

She did not suddenly become popular, but has always been very popular. From its birth to the late 1980s, the total sales volume reached more than 200 million, and it was a world record. The media has repeatedly selected Stan Smith as one of the best sports shoes. . Because of her simple appearance, versatile attributes, and excellent comfort, she has been favored by the fashion industry, and stars of all walks of life have been on their feet. In 15 years, Green Tail has once again set off the global Smith fever.

Song Sneaker Adidas

Song Sneaker tells you why Adi Smith Green Tail is expensive

1. Real all-match shoes

Stan Smith is really good with any type of clothing. Paired with tannins, it is neutral; paired with suits, handsome and individual; with skirts, there is no sense of violation. In short, if you have a big brain, Stan Smith won't let you down.

2. The classic red, green and black three tails

Adidas Stan Smith has three styles: red tail, green tail and black tail. It is a classic embellishment. It is very eye-catching, but the most popular is the green tail of Adidas Smith. Why does the Adidas green tail fire? Some people say it is the descendant of the sun Song Zhongji’s green tail makes people thrilled. Some people say that Sao Green’s perfect neutralization of pure whiteness reveals a hint of sexy, and is a well-deserved king of white shoes.

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