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Yeezy 700 V2

       Cheap yeezy 700 V2 uses a lot of mesh surface to make this shoe more sporty. cheap yeezy 700 V2 adopts 3M reflective design in many parts, which brings a smooth and wrinkle-free feeling to the reflection of the upper. Cheap yeezy 700 looks very unique in light!

   Fallen Cheap Yeezy 700

  The trend of daddy shoes is the popularity of a shoe type. There is no unique positioning. Many brands want to benefit from the trend of daddy shoes and use many similar shoes to correspond to this market. Since the beginning of this year, Adi has Cheap Yeezy Shoes 700, Yung-1, Falcons and Temper Run. Especially the Yeezy 700, with the popularity of the trend and the blessing of Kanye's halo, the price of RMB 2599 can still have a good sales volume. As the leader of this, Nike, of course, can't stand this situation, and will definitely come to find a way to participate, so only one model is made to correspond to this trend, that is, M2K Tekno. When the popularity of this shoe was already there and it began to be fully deployed in the market, unconsciously and very quickly, the trend of old shoes changed.

  Nike's pair of shoes, priced at RMB 799, is positioned and priced to push the shoes to the bad street, and the direction is exactly the opposite of the Cheap Yeezy 700. I will compare these two old shoes, it seems very unreasonable, but the audience of these two old shoes is the same, I do think that Nike deliberately created this shoe to cater to this old man The trend of daddy shoes, and the business strategy of the dimension of price reduction is used to attack this daddy shoe market.

   There Are Several Colors Of Cheap Yeezy 700. Cheap Yeezy 700 Color Matching Daquan

  Cheap Yeezy 700, as Kanye's new Yeezy series, has been popular for two years. This pair of shoes has not yet been released in China, so many friends also want to start. So what are the colors of Yeezy 700?

  Cheap Yeezy 700 First Color Matching

  The first color matching of these shoes is a retro color matching with enough texture

  The shoes are mainly white, gray and dark green

  Cheap Yeezy 700 Pure Black

  After the release of the first color matching of the Yeezy 700

  Someone leaked the pure black color of Cheap Yeezy 700

  This pure black texture is still there, but compared with the first color matching, it seems to lack a lot of retro old shoes.

  Yeezy 700 Pure White

  Among the shoes released with pure black, there are also double Yeezy 700 pure white.

  The pure white looks great in texture. I believe that after rubbing on the feet for a period of time, some of them will look worn out, and they will be more like old shoes.

  It is worth mentioning that this pair of Cheap Yeezy 700 pure white soles are made of white raw rubber, and the visual effect is very good.

  Yeezy 700 Dark Grey

  This is an exposed color scheme of the Cheap Yeezy 700

  The main dark gray upper is matched with black, and the bright fluorescent yellow embellishment design still retains the midsole. The texture is good. At present, Kanye has also worn these shoes several times. It is quite eye-catching with the coat in autumn and winter.

  Yeezy 700 Gray Green

  It seems that Yeezy  700 likes to use gray very much, but I think gray is also a good color to bring out the old shoes.

  No, the gray-green of this pair of Cheap Yeezy Shoes was also exposed early

  Still using gray as the main color, it is made of suede and mesh, and is presented in a combination of dark gray, light gray, off-white and black, and the ankles are also embellished with green mesh.

  The smell of old shoes is still very strong.

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