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Yeezy 380

        First of all, when the cheap yeezy 380 was first publicly rendered, the outside world once regarded it as the cheap yeezy boost 350 v3 series. Because from the perspective of the shape of the shoe, this 350 V2 heel still has many similar details. 

  The cheap YEEZY 380 you look down on will soon make you unable to climb high?

  If the YEEZY series of new shoes launched by Yeezy and Kanye WEST recently, YEEZY 380 should be regarded as the most controversial pair. Although the Cheap Yeezy slippers were released after that, they were even more complained by the shoe friends before the release, but when they were finally released, it did not affect the performance of a large-scale "true fragrance" scene, avoiding a "rollover" accident. The price is also high taken off.

  But such a thing did not happen to the YEEZY 380 series. There are rumors that the YEEZY 380 was originally the exposed Cheap Yeezy 350 V3, but because Adidas changed a new manager to be in charge of the operation of the YEEZY series, Adidas changed the name and wanted to do something with Kanye WEST. Not long ago, the real YEEZY 350 V3 shoes were released again, but from the spy photos, it is basically a combination of YEEZY 350 V2 and YEEZY 380.

  Let's go back to the Cheap Yeezy Shoes. This shoe has been controversial since the beginning of its release. Some people like to "die", and some people also dislike "die". The reason for this is actually mainly related to its design language. Compared with the popular YEEZY 350 series, the YEEZY 380 has a more exaggerated design language and a more aggressive visual feeling. The thick Boost outsole has also undergone major changes in the weaving method of the upper.

  Will Cheap Yeezy 380, which has been praised by many hipsters, be a new starting point for Kanye?

  The Yeezy line of shoes has been popular since Kanye joined adidas. Compared with the extremely limited sales strategy in the Nike period, Cheap Adidas Yeezy allows ordinary people to experience and enjoy the fun of trendy culture. How many pairs of coconut shoes have you bought in the past year? In November last year, Adidas launched a new shoe, the YeezyBoost380Alien. The shoes were initially sold overseas and then in some fashion stores on December 12. What is the value of this very popular shoe? Is it worth starting?

  Whoever wants a pair of Cheap Yeezy Shoes can get them! This sentence is the lofty ideal of the future created by Kanye West and Adidas, which is famous for "everyone has a Yeezy"! Another year has passed and the massive Yeezy line of shoes has transformed it from a no-brainer to a hugely popular shoe.

  At the end of last year, Cheap Yeezy made another big move, namely Yeezy500High, YeezySlides, YeezyFoamRunner, Yeezy380, Yeezy700V3, new shoes with various novel designs are on sale, among which the 380 series is the highlight for sports shoe lovers. Confidence in Yeezy shoes.

  The adidas Cheap Yeezy, formerly known as YeezyBoost350V3, does have some continuations and breakthrough changes in design. First, the two shoes are very similar in shape. The structure of the upper is stitched together on the left and right sides. The difference is that the pins in the center of the 380 are not exposed.

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