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    Cheap Nike Shoes. NIKE Nike is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. The company produces a wide range of sporting goods, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment, and more. NIKE is a world-renowned sports brand, which in English originally means the Greek goddess of victory.

   An Introduction To The Evolution Of The Cheap Nike logo

  1. In 1971, student Carolyn Davidson designed the first Swoosh logo because the goddess of victory named Nike had dancing wings.

  2. In 1978, Cheap Nike Swoosh logo changed from a frame line to a solid shape and appeared below the standard words, making it more prominent.

  3. In 1985, the logo was combined in a square to form a positive and negative effect.

  Cheap Nike Shoes Main Materials

  Main materials: Full Grain Leather, Nubuck cowhide leather, Suede suede, Synthetic Ledather synthetic leather, Synthetic Material synthetic material, Mesh mesh cloth, Lycra Lycra elastic fabric, Gore-tex waterproof fabric, Foamposite patented body material , Drag-on wear-resistant material, BRS1000 carbon fiber rubber, Non-marking non-marking rubber, Solid Rubber hard rubber, Duraon rubber, DRC wear-resistant hard rubber, Gum Rubber raw rubber, Sticky Rubber soft rubber, midsole material, PU Material, PHYLON material, EVA material, LUNAR material.

  Cheap Nike Shoes Brand Story

  In the 1980s, Nike products began to enter the homes of ordinary people (especially teenagers) from track and field and gymnasiums. Cheap Nike must try its best to expand the appeal of Nike advertising without losing the traditional market of formal sports. For this purpose, Nike must be like Levi's brand (established by Levi Strauss, the inventor of jeans, the leading brand of denim clothing). Component and status symbol of youth culture. Cheap Nike Shoes is fighting in two completely different markets. The challenge it faces is how to achieve balance and consistency in adapting to popular awareness and promoting sports achievements. Nike has begun to rethink its advertising strategy.

  A 1986 advertisement promoting Nike's inflatable insoles was a real breakthrough. In the advertisement, Cheap Nike Shoes adopted a brand-new idea. Instead of using the usual method of blindly promoting the technical performance and advantages of the product, it represented and symbolized the famous hippies. The famous song "Revolution" played by the Beatles, in the rhythm and melody of Rebel Tuxin, a group of Americans wearing Nike products are doing fitness exercises like crazy. This advertisement accurately caters to the fitness movement that has just appeared. The wind of change and the trend of the times make it feel refreshing. Cheap Nike has always used magazines as the main advertising media to convey product information to competitive players, but since then, TV advertising has become Nike's main "spokesperson", which makes Nike advertising more adaptable to the new market of its products. developing.

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