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Air Max 97

     The Cheap Air Max 97 is the first Nike running shoe to use a full palm air cushion. The Air Max 97 is inspired by the Japanese Shinkansen train. The shoe is surrounded by four 3M reflective strips, which has the coquettish sense of 90s technology sneakers.

  Nike's "revolutionary" Shoe!! Cheap AIR MAX 97!!

   Today, Nike strongly recommends the air max 97 shoes on the official blog. The official evaluation said: The Cheap Air Max 97, which perfectly combines futuristic lines and retro elements, is equipped with a revolutionary full-length Nike Air cushion, which is firmly at the forefront of fashion, and it is not afraid to control it if it is not trendy.

  Why is the Cheap AIR MAX 97 revolutionary?

  Air cushion "air" can be said to be an innovative technology of Nike. It is the first Nike to replace "air cushion" into the field of sneakers. The first air cushion technology developed by NIKE is based on the principle of infusing gas into a tough synthetic rubber layer under high pressure, and treating the gas poured into the rubber layer so that it cannot pass through the outer rubber layer - thus providing It also provides enough elasticity while cushioning.

  Why call it innovative and revolutionary? Because the "air" cheap air max series has changed the history of "air" only setting the air cushion at the heel, it is the first to replace the "full palm air cushion technology" into the shoe design. "Bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world" is Cheap Nike At the beginning of 2006, the advent of Air Max 360 technology brought NIKE's innovation into a new era. The 360-degree full air cushion technology pushed NIKE's air cushion technology to the top. In the fall of 2006, Cheap NIKE attacked again, bringing this The technology is widely used and continuously expanded, and the essence of Air Max 360 technology has been injected into basketball shoes and running shoes, providing athletes with more innovative and inspiring enjoyment.

  Why choose the Cheap AIR MAX 97?

  Reason 1: When it comes to running shoes, the most important thing is that the sole should have good cushioning to minimize the damage caused by the impact. In the case of Cheap Nike Air Max running shoes, the sole is made of air. Andrew tried to bring the revolutionary technology from the Air Max 360 running shoe to the Air Max 180. Working closely with shoe developer Hans Guenther, Andrew took a closer look at the full-length air unit and figured out where to split the unit in half, giving the Air a huge performance boost!

  Reason 2: Cheap air Max 97 has launched a new silver bullet colorway, which is super hot right now. The difference between this one and the previous style is that the red embellishment has become blue, such as all the Swoosh Logos, sole lines, heel tabs and so on. It still maintains the all-silver smooth line body and 3M reflective strips, which are original but more eye-catching and innovative.

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