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Air Jordan 6

  Cheap air jordan 6, as Jordan's first pair of NBA champion shoes, has a very dazzling and beautiful Jumpman Logo in the center of the tongue. The plastic shoelace elastic buckle design has been improved to make it smaller and can be easily fastened The laces also play a good decorative role.

  Introduction To Cheap Air Jordan 6

  Cheap air jordan 6 is the sixth authentic basketball shoe in the Nike Jordan series, and it is also the basketball shoe Jordan wore when he won the NBA championship for the first time. Among them, the most classic ones are the black and red color matching and the cherry tree flower road color matching.

  Cheap Air Jordan 6 Technology

  Led the Bulls to defeat the bad boys-Detroit Pistons, met the Los Angeles Lakers led by "Magic" Johnson of the West Coast in the finals, and won four games in a row to win the championship with the first loss. A whole new moment in your career. Cheap replica air jordan 6 is Jordan's first pair of NBA champion shoes. The midsole also continues the visible AirSole air cushion used in previous generations of products, but Cheap jordans 6 has a very beautiful design style.

  Cheap Air Jordan 6 Look

  There is a very dazzling and beautiful Jumpman Logo in the middle of the tongue of cheap air jordan 6, coupled with the innovative shape of the shoes, Cheap air jordan looks very delicate. At the same time, cheap air jordan 6 also continued the design of the plastic shoelace elastic buckle of cheap jordans. You must know that this design was very popular at the time, and it was almost the "ruler for measuring the quality of sports shoes in the eyes of most people during that period." ". Tiner has improved the design of the plastic shoelace elastic buckle used in the Jordans, making it smaller, which can easily tie the shoelace, and also plays a good decorative role.

  The Story Behind Cheap Replica Air Jordan 6

  Michael and I had a chat before we started designing the cheap replica air jordan 6. "I hope that the uppers don't have too many decorations, and try to be as simple as possible. When I buy leather shoes, I also like those simple styles. They look more refreshing." We took Michael's advice, the lines of cheap air jordan 6 It seems quite simple and clear.

  In order to ensure the smooth process of wearing shoes, we specially designed some small holes on the tongue so that the fingers can find a borrowing point. Michael was so pleased with it that he suggested we use a similar design for the heel. In this way, the cheap air jordan has become an epoch-making pair of sneakers. This is the first time that sport function, fashion elements and humanity have been combined. Tests on the court have proved that this pair of sneakers can also play a good role in protecting the ankle.

  Michael is almost omnipotent on the court, and you will find that he is equally charming off the court. He is a meticulous person. I remember every time before going away to play, he would pack his clothes by himself. Ties, suits, socks, shoes, everything he would carefully put away. He is very particular about his appearance, whether in formal or informal settings. I still remember when he visited my house once, and when he came in he said, "Tink, it's cold here, can you lend me a coat?" I pointed to the closet. It is such a private occasion, and he is also very careful about his image. After trying several pieces, he found a coat that he was most satisfied with.

  Of course, there are plenty of serious players in the league, but someone like Michael who connects playing and thinking is definitely a minority. When discussing some issues, you can feel that Michael's ideas are very new, and these creative ideas do not know where to come from. Therefore, most of the shoes in the Cheap Jordans series are devoted to Michael's efforts, and his suggestions can often inspire our design inspiration. Michael also had a weird way of thinking, I saw him in the locker room one day. Taking a closer look, he was facing the TV that was not turned on. His eyes were fixed on the screen, but the TV wasn't turned on. I learned later that he was mulling over a question, even though he was still fiddling with the TV remote.

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