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Air Jordan 11 High

  Cheap air jordan 11 high is an AJ basketball shoe designed and produced by Jordan Company, released in 1996. Inspired by the lawn mower shell, this sneaker features a sole air cushion for better performance on the court. Jordan himself has expressed his fondness for cheap air jordan 11 high more than once in public.

  The Design Of Cheap Air Jordan 11 High

  When Tinker designed the cheap air jordan 11 high, he wasn't sure if the trapeze would wear these basketball shoes. At that time, it was Jordan who left the NBA and struggled in the MLB's sad years. The 9th generation had just become a trapeze without being on the basketball court. Through the alternative, Jordan himself did not like cheap air jordan 10, even after returning to the game, the shoes still failed to become a part of him. However, when the outside world continued to question Tinker, Jordan suddenly announced to the world: "I'm back!" It was March 18, 1995, and the world was boiling because of the return of the trapeze. The hero wearing the No. 45 jersey returned to that familiar stage the next day.

  As a result, Tinker and his design team realized more clearly that cheap air jordan would be a symbol of a new era, and he was more firm in the design of cheap air jordan 11 high.

       About Cheap Air Jordan 11 High

  This is the first pair of basketball shoes designed with patent leather, which makes the air jordan 11 high not easy to be stretched, light and gorgeous, and looks more like a bright sports car shell. The nylon material of the Cheap air jordan upper completely reduces the overall load. In the history of the AIR JORDAN series, another lightweight milestone was born. Tinker and the design team used high-speed photography technology to capture Jordan's movements on the court, screened and analyzed the changes of the Cheap jordans frame by frame, and finally found the problem and decided to add a full-length fiber carbon plate to the sole. This technology, which was originally applied to football shoes, has the effect of preventing the distortion of the shoes and quickly correcting the sole. After the cheap air jordan is deformed by force, it can recover quickly and provide defenders with a faster starting speed. In order to highlight this highlight, they also decided to use the crystal sole design on the cheap air jordan 1 sole again. The carbon fiber support plate has also become the symbol of the top basketball shoes in the future.

  The previous replica air jordan series did not put much effort into the design of shoelaces, they seem to pay more attention to shoelace holes or shoelace buckles. But this time, the revolutionary quick lacing system has also been introduced into the Cheap Jordans design, making it very easy to put on and take off.

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