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Air Jordan 1

  The Cheap Air Jordan 1 is the first basketball shoe in the Nike Jordan line. Cheap Air Jordan 1 was born in 1985. Because it is the first pair of black and red sneakers in the NBA, it is also remembered at first glance.

  The Birth Of The Cheap Air Jordan 1

  "Flying Man", the nickname people gave to Jordan. Not only because of his amazing jumps and often incredible moves on the court, but also because of the Cheap Jordan 1 on his feet. "Air Jordan", the name of Nike's signature shoe for Jordan. The Cheap Jordan 1 not only embodies the technology and craftsmanship of sneakers, but also Jordan's playing style.

  Jordan's magical on-court performance and Nike's excellent advertising made the Cheap Jordan 1 a great success. In 1985, the sales of this pair of shoes reached 130 million US dollars! By September of the following year, the Cheap Jordan 1 had sold 2.3 million pairs, becoming a miracle in the history of sneakers.

  Cheap Nike clips Jordan's exciting moves on the court, accompanied by an English song "Jump". I think it can be regarded as an early music MV. At the press conference, Michael seemed a little uncomfortable. No wonder he had not been exposed to such business situations before. Throughout the press conference, the reporter kept staring at Michael's face, and the muscles on his face were always stiff. No laughing, maybe he has something else on his mind.

  Shortly after, Cheap Nike customized his first pair of Cheap Jordan 1. However, basketball is a sport that emphasizes teamwork, a move that caused quite a bit of controversy at the time. Bulls general manager Rod Thorne spoke with reporters on the matter. "Michael is a basketball player, not a tennis player. It's not good to overemphasize the individual." He's right. Only individual sports such as tennis and boxing have special equipment, and all members of the basketball team should be uniform.

  Jordan's Own Evaluation Of The Cheap Air Jordan 1

  The first pair of Cheap Jordan 1 came out soon, and I was naturally the first to try them on. The first time I saw this pair of shoes, I said directly to the Cheap Nike staff: "How can this shoe have so many colors, it's so ugly! I don't want to wear it!" Cheap Jordan 1 designer Pete Moore asked me to bring it first. Back to the Cheap Air Jordan 1. "You wear it for a while, maybe you will fall in love with it. If you are not satisfied, then we will design another one for you."

  I went back with those Cheap Jordan 1, and honestly, I felt like a circus clown wearing them. Sure enough, on the second day of training, my teammates were amazed by my pair of sneakers. "Michael, these are the ugliest sneakers I've ever seen!" That's what 90% of people told me. But, oddly enough, I'm getting more and more fond of the Cheap Air Jordan 1 myself.

  Moore heard what the others were saying, and he smiled and said to me, "That's the effect, no matter what they say, it means they've already paid attention to the Cheap Jordan 1." For me, the Cheap Jordan 1 fits well and wears well. Good; but for the market to grow, the Cheap Jordan 1 needs to be eye-catching, and Cheap Nike is certainly very planned in this regard.

  Features Of The Cheap Air Jordan 1

  Carrying the glory of tradition, the Cheap Jordan 1 perfectly combines the charm of the first year with innovative elements. A sophisticated, minimalist design combined with clever details is enough to complement the Cheap Air Jordan 1 branding.

  The Cheap Air Jordan 1 High fits perfectly and allows for more ankle flexibility! The proprietary weave we've developed isn't much different from standard carbon fiber, but is different in size and shape. The Cheap Jordan 1 provides just the right amount of rigidity while still allowing the foot to flex naturally. In addition to adopting the latest technological concept of "protective rope at the ankle", the Cheap Air Jordan 1 also uses LASER laser engraving technology, which reflects the glorious past of the Michael Jordan and Cheap Air Jordan series in every aspect. As long as you look closely, it is not difficult to find that on the magic strap of the Cheap Jordan 1 upper, there are various shapes and shapes of large and small patterns engraved, and each of these patterns is independent of all!

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