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Air Jordan 1 Mid

  Cheap jordan 1 mid is the first genuine basketball shoe of the Nike Jordan series. It was born in 1985. Because it is the first pair of black and red shoes in the NBA, it also makes everyone remember it at first glance.


  The AIR JORDAN 1 MID series has become an eternal legend on the basketball court. Today, the cheap air jordan 1 mid carries the traditional glory, perfectly combining the charm of the first year with innovative elements, with exquisite and simple design combined with ingenious details to create a match that is enough to match Cheap Jordan. The comfort, fit and breathability of the brand and the trapeze spirit.

  The AJ series has become an eternal legend on the basketball court. Today, the AIR JORDAN 1 MID carries the traditional glory, perfectly combining the charm of the first year with innovative elements. With exquisite and simple design combined with ingenious details, it creates a product that is enough to match the Cheap Jordan brand and the trapeze. Spiritual comfort, fit and breathability. The classic AIR air cushion and "AIR JORDAN wings" logo will always evoke the memories of Air Force fans and AJ shoe fans, which are worthy of your collection.

  Cheap Air Jordan 1 mid detail identification and the difference between high and low

  In the summer of 1985, with the sour smell of his rookie season still in the air, North Carolina's Michael Jordan led the Bulls to the playoffs. His legend starts from this moment, from his amazing jumping ability; from the incredible moves he often makes on the court; from the Cheap Air Jordan 1 on his feet. About AJ1, we can talk a lot, there are too many stories about him and it, I plan to do a series to talk about my understanding of AJ.

  Cheap Air Jordan 1 high and Cheap Air Jordan 1 mid

  AJ1 high and AJ1 mid are often compared. In fact, the biggest difference is the lack of a shoelace hole. Because of this hole, the gap between the two is invisibly enlarged. The AJ1 high top has three important features. The label on the tongue is the "Cheap Nike" label, the side of the shoe has a flying wing logo, and there are nine shoelace holes in total. The logo on the tongue of the Cheap Air Jordan 1 mid top is the trapeze logo, the side of the shoe is also the flying wing logo, and there are only eight shoelace holes. For distinguishing AJ1 high-top or mid-top shoes, it is easiest to look at the number of holes. But many times, when we discuss AJ1, we always seem to avoid "Mid". I believe that many old Sneaker players always think that "Mid" is not the real AJ1, which caused it to be looked down upon by people, which is different from  Cheap Air Jordan 1 High , AJ1 Mid, because of the lack of a shoelace hole and was dubbed 'eight holes'.

  With just one hole, the style brought by the overall shoe shape is completely different. But no matter the high gang or the middle gang, the purpose when it was designed was not to make it more possible. The important thing is that it can match your own style, which is the meaning of its existence.

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