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Air Force 1

  Cheap Nike Air Force 1, is a sneaker produced by Nike. The Cheap Air Force 1 was born in 1982 and has deep roots in the game of basketball. Six basketball players were selected to endorse the shoe: Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones , Mychal Thompson and Calvin Natt, the hand-picked defensive experts who brought the Cheap Nike Air Force 1 to the world.

  Classic posters, tough stance, Malone and his partners show the six elements of the Cheap Air Force 1 success: grand, durable, transcendence, heroic, coherent and pure.

  Brand Features of the Cheap Nike Air Force 1

  The Cheap Nike Air Force 1 has always been based on the exquisite workmanship of Nike technology. It is with this in mind that the "First Six" footwear and apparel will follow the general guidelines set by the Cheap Air Force 1 collection. In addition, there are six pairs of specially designed Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Lo sneakers featuring each member of the "Original Six" emblazoned with portraits.

  An important design element of the "First Six" clothing is to capture the descriptive language of each member's court style. This method can effectively clarify the "First Six" influence on the Cheap Air Force 1 cultural spirit. Moses Malone gave the Cheap Nike Air Force 1 a grandiose temperament, the durability of the Cheap Air Force 1 was inspired by Jamal Wilkes, and Michael Cooper showed a drive to continuously transcend to higher levels . Mitchell Thompson's court style in "The Original Six" best captures the heroic stance of the Cheap Nike Air Force 1, while the sneaker's coherence is best demonstrated in Bobby Jones' court style. And the best interpretation of the pure nature of Cheap Air Force 1 is Calvin Knight in "The Original Six", whose grasp of the field is as clean and profitable as the sneakers he endorses.

  Big, durable, transcendent, heroic, coherent and pure, these qualities are infused into the "original six" Cheap Air Force 1 collection. Each of these words is a level of technology that requires true design and innovation to create exceptional performance.

  The sneaker culture of the Cheap Nike Air Force 1

  The innovation of the year has become a classic of the past. If Nike created the Cheap Nike Air Force 1, Air Force no longer belongs to Nike alone, but has become a symbol of the entire sneaker culture.

  Today's Cheap Air Force 1 is the perfect interpretation of the word retro. Designers have injected a new soul into the Cheap Nike Air Force 1 with new expressions of color and pattern. He has become a must-have shoe for young Americans to wear every day. When the 2006 season rookies Randy Foye and Rudy Gay took part in the famous American basketball magazine for the first time, they were a little shy and chose to wear pure white Cheap Air Force 1. In their hearts, Cheap Nike Air Force 1 is A cool, a trend.

  When the Cheap Air Force 1 first came out, only the winners on the court were eligible to own it in Rock Park, the basketball mecca in New York, USA, and the losers could not wear the Cheap Nike Air Force 1 in Rock Park in the future.

  Similarly, Cheap Air Force 1 has been given different themes to express on the sneakers and has become the prey of collectors. Some were even marked as high as 10,000 yuan. Showbiz is still a celebrity, and many are proud to own an exclusive pair of Cheap Nike Air Force 11s. When Kobe Bryant endorsed SONY's NBA 2007 in the summer, SONY gave him a pair of global limited Cheap Nike Air Force 1 playstation. When the sneaker has become a culture, then he is a work of art.

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