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  Cheap Adidas Shoes. German sporting goods manufacturer, a member company of adidas AG. Adidas, named after its founder, Adolf Adi Dassler, started producing footwear in 1920 in Herzogenaurach, near Nuremberg. Registered under the name adidas AG on August 18, 1949. Adidas clothing and sports shoes logo design usually see three parallel lines in the shape of a triangle, which can also be seen on its logo. The three lines are the characteristics of Adidas.

  What kind of brand is Cheap Adidas Shoes clover?

  The clover logo we see now actually appeared in 1972, when adidas designed this more beautiful and fashionable logo to gradually replace the early three-stripe logo. This logo expands the three-dimensional plane of the earth and connects the three continental plates, symbolizing the power of movement extending to the whole world.

       See the classic three bars above? This is the three-stripe road design that Cheap Adidas pioneered on sneakers.

  How did Cheap Adidas Shoes revive ?

  Horst has an extraordinary talent for marketing. He pioneered the establishment of a "pyramid" promotion model. Pioneering the visual connection of adidas sporting goods to athletes, sports teams, major competitions and related sporting events. The success of Stan Smith's shoes is his masterpiece, and it's the beginning of a renaissance.

  Anyone who knows it knows that this pair of Cheap Adidas shoes was not called this name at first. Originally designed in 1963, it was inspired by adidas' 'Haillet' shoe for French tennis player Robert Haillet.

  At that time, Stan Smith was an outstanding tennis player in the Davis Cup in the United States. Horst saw business opportunities from him and actively sought cooperation.

  Horst eventually struck a deal with Smith on very lucrative terms. In addition to the regular sponsorship fees, 5% of the profit of this pair of shoes within 5 years, other styles derived from this pair of shoes, 3% of the profit within 10 years will belong to Smith. This cooperation has achieved a historic win-win situation.

  What are some good shoe recommendations from Cheap Adidas?

  Adidas has three series: sports performance series, sports traditional series originals (clover), and sports fashion series (neo).

  Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost

  Ultra Boost uses full-length Boost technology and Primeknit woven uppers, and was once called "the strongest running shoe so far" by Cheap Adidas shoes. In terms of upper material, it can outperform pure boost; in terms of sole, it is more resilient than pure boost, and it is called "the best shoes for feet".

  Cheap Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

  The cushioning of this pair of shoes uses Adidas' signature technology - Boost.

  Equipped with exclusive TPU foaming technology, it has made a unique cushioning technology in today's sneaker market.

  Cheap Yeezy Boost350 is a full-length boost with a strong sense of feedback. Walking in these shoes can be said to be a kind of enjoyment. In the upper part, YeezyBoost350 uses Primeknit technology, which is a technology that knits the upper and upper into an integrated shoe body through seamless connection, making the upper softer and more breathable.

  The clover on the inside of the unique Cheap Adidas Yeezy Logo and the YZY logo not only use suede and slightly reflective materials, but its orientation is also one of the criteria for identifying the authenticity of this pair of sneakers.

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