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Yeezy 500

      Though it has lost a bit of momentum in the past few months, the Cheap Yeezy 500 remains one of the most significant in the brand’s product line. Released back in 2018 at a retail of $200 USD, the 500 ushered in something unique, a subversion of the imprint’s current formula. Instead of the typical Primeknit constructions, cheap yeezy 500 arrived composed of luxurious suede materials, mesh underlays, and cushioning adiPrene foam. 

   Cheap Yeezy 500 once again exposed the new color matching, this time is it "exclusive for men"?

  The replenishment of two pairs of old YEEZY models this year has allowed many shoe lovers to make up for the regrets of the year. Although the new models of cheap yeezy are unacceptable and understandable to many friends in terms of color matching and design, the classic design is still everyone's favorite.

  In addition to the 350 of the many styles that have been released, the latest Cheap Yeezy 500 should be seen by shoe lovers, and this once popular style will bring a new design again next year!

  Recently, there has been new news from overseas that there will be a pair of YEEZY 500 in a new color scheme next year. This new pair of shoes has a flesh pink theme. From the current design, it is very masculine.

  Although this year's Cheap Yeezy has released many new models, it is not very successful except for the 700V3. At this time, it is necessary to return some old models to attract more attention from shoe lovers. I hope that next year's YEEZY 500 can return to the original design. Don't be an improved version again.

   How to clean Cheap Yeezy 500

   It is also best to use a cloth dipped in water to gently wipe the surface, so that the floating ash will basically fall off, and the toothbrush will be washed with water alone in particularly dirty places. Do not soak all the water in the big cleaning, the better the sports shoes. The more delicate, soaking in water will hurt the most shoes

  After all, many friends have responded that if the suede upper gets too much water, the upper will be very hard, and the overall appearance of the yeezy500 is not very good.

  How to maintain Cheap Yeezy 500

  Learning to clean is only the first step, and then you have to learn how to protect the yeezy500.

  To prevent dirt and wear, you must give Cheap Yeezy 500 a waterproof coating! Spraying on the waterproof coating will last about a week.

  There is also try not to wear it when it is raining, after all, prolonged contact with water is not good for shoes.

  Finally, it is recommended that if you don't wear sneakers, you should put them in a good place. Don't put them in the shoe cabinet after wearing them at will. You must clean them first and then put them back in the shoe box, so that the shoes can have a long life. If you have several pairs of Cheap Yeezy Shoes stacked together in your shoe cabinet, then I recommend using a transparent collection box, which can not only store shoes, but also repeatedly fit the collection, so you are not afraid of falling down no matter how high you stack it.

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