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Yeezy 450

       The Cheap Yeezy 450 is a lifestyle sneaker from the Kanye West-led and Three Stripes-backed replica yeezy imprint. First teased as the replica yeezy 450 in July 2018 via sketches by Mr. 

   The coconut shoe family welcomes a new member, Cheap YEEZY 450 is finally here!

  The rumored YEEZY 451 is finally named after the YEEZY 450! The coconut family is about to welcome a new member, and the new Cheap Yeezy 450 is expected to debut in spring. Author: We are all sneaker control

  The YEEZY 450 once appeared at the feet of Kanye West, with a sock-like design, and a woven upper with a volcano-like sole, which is slightly exaggerated.

  It doesn't have a BOOST or even an adiPRENE+, but instead uses a Steven Smith-designed midsole configuration. In the follow-up, adidas will also bring a slipper version of the Cheap Yeezy Shoes, which is also quite expensive.

   The new explosion model that Kanye strives to create, where does Cheap Yeezy 450 stand out?

  The YEEZY 450 was supposed to be released in 2019. At that time, it was named 451 instead of 450, but it was delayed and waited for two years. It may be that the sky is full of stars, and new shoes are not needed to compete for the market; It was kanye who was considering whether to continue to cooperate with Adi, because there were rumors that Adidas x Cheap Yeezy Shoes would end in the 350 series. After hearing this news, shoe fans frantically placed orders (same as Nike’s goal of making Kobe sneakers now), shoes The dealer took the opportunity to make a lot of money

  Afterwards, it was found that everything was a gimmick and hype, and the two sides still cooperated happily;

  Anyway, Cheap Yeezy 450 has now come to the market. Although the name has been changed, the shoe type is roughly the same as the spy photos released in 2019. Therefore, is the belated YEEZY 450 worth our attention? Unique design and trend-setting

  Regarding the above two points, Kanye deserves its name. There is no design that has never been seen before or has never come before, and Kanye disdains to take it out;

  Cheap Yeezy 450 has the same sock design as always. It has excellent ventilation and is suitable for summer. It feels like a first love to me. I don’t know the beauty of shoes at first sight. Goodbye is already a man in shoes. It is a durable type. We need to find its beauty and characteristics. ; Netizens think of many nicknames through appearance, such as Xiao Long Bao, Dumpling, and Flame Mountain. I don’t know if this is a Chinese style feature? Maybe Kanye's inspiration really came from the time he spent in China.

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