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Adidas Ultra Boost

  Cheap Ultra BoostThe most comprehensive introduction to adidas ultra boost, some you may not know. Adidas Ultra Boost can be said to be the hottest casual running shoes at present, and the reputation is very good! Both comfort and appearance are excellent! Coupled with the promotion of Kanye and other major stars on the feet, many color matching are hard to find!

  About Cheap ultra boost 1.0

  In January 2015, Adidas released its new revolutionary running shoes Ultra Boost in New York, and declared that this is the strongest road running shoes in the world. Ultra Boost has three major technologies: the upper adopts Adidas' original Primeknit weaving technology, the new Ultra Boost midsole and Torsion System technology.

  The Cheap Ultra Boost upper uses Adidas' original Primeknit one-piece weaving technology, which provides excellent wrapping while giving the feet the best breathability and comfort.

  Adidas has completely implanted the Torsion System, which was originally placed under the midsole, into the Boost midsole. In order to make the Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost thinner and lighter, the Torsion System has been made smaller. The entire Torsion System has been technically compressed, although the overall It is smaller, but the density is twice that of the previous product, so it can increase the rebound power during exercise while ensuring the stability of the entire sole.

  The most important thing about Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost is the Boost midsole. This pair of Ultra Boost running shoes Adidas spent 2 years in research and development. A Boost midsole contains about 3000 Boost particles, and each Boost particle is very elastic. The previous Boost midsole will be wrapped with EVA material, which has the advantage of making the Boost more stable, but the new Ultra Boost The midsole has been removed from the EVA package. The new process makes Ultra Boost's midsole more stable than before, and it can also provide better rebound.

  About Cheap Ultra Boost 2.0

  The new version of adidas Ultra Boost released in 2016, namely Cheap adidas Ultra Boost 2.0, is also priced at ¥1399. adidas ultra boost 1.0 is actually very powerful, and the following adidas ultra boost 2.0 is only slightly modified on the basis of adidas ultra boost 1.0.

  The biggest difference between Cheap Ultra Boost 2.0 and adidas ultra boost 1.0 is the difference between the Ultra Boost outsole. In addition to the horse brand outsole used, the rubber particles of the second-generation outsole have become flat and relatively thick, while the first-generation outsole has is a cone. With this change in shape, the Continental outsole was once said to be highly wear-resistant. But in terms of wear resistance, the first generation is poor, but the second generation is not much better than the first generation. The most eye-catching part of the Continental outsole is its anti-slip effect. The change of the shape of the rubber particles also plays a role here, because the contact area with the ground increases, and the friction force also increases. So when you wear Cheap Adidas Shoes Ultra Boost 2.0, you don't have to worry about water stains on the tiles anymore!

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